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Growing up in a very traditional household - infused with Middle Eastern culture - food was always the center of our family gatherings. My plate was continually overflowing with heavy carbs and various meats.  There was no concept of eating your greens and fruits on a daily basis. Whole, fresh foods were not encouraged options. As I grew older, I fell into the normal teenage struggles of wanting to be "thin" and not understanding what my body needed to fuel itself. These struggles and habits carried on with me into adulthood which led to a very unhealthy relationship -- not only with my body image but with my relationship with food. And that is when I decided to “learn” my body.

When I graduated college, I left not only with a degree but with a very distorted idea of what a healthy lifestyle entailed. . It took me a few years to understand that I was not eating enough or nourishing my body. As I grew older, I learned the concept of “listening to what your body needs”. As young women, our bodies go through many changes and I have found giving yourself patience and grace goes a long way. 

I had no idea where to begin - when I decided to commit to a truly healthy lifestyle - so I decided to educate myself and hire a nutritionist and personal trainer. It was then, where I discovered putting myself first and listening to my body’s cravings were incredibly important to my inner growth. I began to indulge in a variety of greens, plant-based meats, and different types of fruits and nuts. I opened myself up to experimenting with new, healthier foods and learning how my body reacted to them. I began to love and look forward to eating. Eventually, consuming whole, plant-based foods became a choice I made every single day. I made the choice to listen to what my body needed!

My plant-based journey eventually led me to working with Sustainable Snacks. I began a food blog in early 2020, where I wanted to promote and talk about my new lifestyle and encourage others to make healthier choices. I wanted to continue building my platform through brand partnerships; however, I only wanted to work with companies that had the same moral values that I did. Sustainable Snacks stood out to me not only due the high quality of their ingredients but the actual taste. And I was also drawn to their mission of providing nutrition education and making quality, plant-based options more accessible.  Wholesome snacks have become a crucial element of fueling myself on the go and Sustainable Snacks have become my go-to!

Healthy living is a choice and I make the choice every day to fill my surroundings with whole, plant-based foods and snacks so that way I am listening to what my body needs when I need that extra boost. 

My family is Muslim and we are currently observing Ramadan. At dusk every evening, we break our fast - the ritual known as Iftar - with a date. I created a special version - featuring Blueberry + Pecans Sustainable Snacks - below. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! 


Aisha, @Lemons_n_roses  

Sustainable Snacks Brand Partner

Iftar Stuffed Dates


  • 10 soft dates 
  •  3 tablespoons nut butter (I use Sunflower Butter)
  •  Sustainable Snacks Blueberry + Pecans 


  1. Cut the dates in half and remove the seed.
  2. Place 1 teaspoon of nut butter in between the dates.
  3. Top them off with Sussnacks Blueberry and Pecans
  4. Place in the freezer for 30-40 minutes
  5. Enjoy!

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